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Type: Visual Novel

Genre: Science Fantasy

Rating: 14+

Released: 03/04/2013

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Languages: English

Product Description

From the creators of the highly acclaimed "Juniper's Knot" comes "Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos".

Dysfunctional Systems is a visual novel series featuring Winter Harrison, a student mediator from a utopian world. What is a mediator? A mediator is a person who travels between chaotic worlds, attempting to resolve the issues plaguing them. The first entry in the series follows her second mediation, where she shadows the experienced and aloof mediator: Cyrus Addington.

"Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos" features two distinct endings, unlockable bonus art, an animated opening video, and a jukebox of in-game music.

Learning to Manage Chaos Soundtrack

Also included in your purchase is the soundtrack to Episode 1: Learning to Manage Chaos! Dischan's musician, CombatPlayer, has composed a very mellow set of music for the game, though not without its share of exciting and moving pieces. Enjoy samples of 7 tracks that play throughout the game below, as well as a full rendition of the Dysfunctional Systems opening theme!

Note: If you are logged in, the soundtrack will automatically be added to your library after your purchase. Otherwise, a serial for it will be emailed to you along with the game serial.

Track List and Samples + Extras


Album Sample

01 - Terminus (Theme of Episode 1) [4:06]
02 - Turbulence [2:12]
03 - Tempering [2:14]
04 - Looking In [2:46]
05 - Soft Engagement [2:12]
06 - Whisper [2:29]
07 - Analysis [1:05]
08 - Ripple [2:01]
09 - Seize the Day [3:23]
10 - Better get Runnin' [2:08]
11 - Cado Astrum [3:29]
12 - Fragment [1:55]
13 - Hygge [2:30]
14 - Speak Loud (Rising Superstar Irie) [4:14]
15 - Off Time [2:47]
16 - Waverly [2:14]
17 - Maintenance [1:58]
18 - Maintenance (OP ver.) [1:12]
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Minimum System Requirements

Windows XP, Mac OSX, Linux with glibc 2.3+
1.2 Ghz Single-Core CPU
1024 x 768 Display Resolution

Recommended System Requirements

Windows Vista / 7, Mac OSX, Linux with glibc 2.3+
2.0 Ghz or higher Dual-Core CPU
Discrete GPU with 256MB of VRAM
1366 x 768 or Higher Display Resolution

Customer Reviews (13)

Absolutely love the game, really looking forward to Ep.2 but sadly no money. Great job Dischan!!

I'd heard good things about Dysfunctional Systems and so I tried it out a little. I also got a couple copies for my friends. They really liked it -- and got through it before I did! So now I've finally finished it and I'm happy to say that it's nearly perfect in all regards. Wonderful story, music, and visuals. Keep it up!

Definitely the most polished VN I've ever played. Whoever designed the UI can't be being paid enough, and I appreciate the 720p/16:9 resolution that I can fullscreen without awful distortions or letterboxing. The art is great and the characters are alive and compelling, the plot is interesting, and on a whole the gameplay is very slick and comfortable. My only complaint about this game is that the length left me feeling unsatisfied. You can be sure I'll be lining up to play the next one though, with this level of quality; I can't wait to see what happens next.

My only fear is that the novel will get cancelled somewhere mid production. I just played through this episode and got really invested in it. And many mentioned it, but the soundtrack is amazing! So for future episodes, shut up and take my money! :D

Very interesting setting and loving the artwork. Plus the character seems well thought out, even though it's the first in the series, I can probably tell that the characters we're going to meet are going to develop a lot more.

In conclusion, this is an impressive start for 'Dysfunctional Systems' and I genuinely cannot wait for the next episode to be released. 5 stars no doubt about that!

Making my way through the game for the first time I was blown away by the fantastic art and music. Along with these and the story, this is nothing but an absolutely unforgettable experience that I hope I'll be able to continue in the second episode sometime soon. Definitely worth a couple different playthroughs.

As with Dischan's other works such as Juniper's Knot, the game has an amazing UI and menu system that makes perusing the extra content (illustrations, concept art, jukebox, opening, etc.) a joy.

If you're considering giving this a try, don't - just buy it and I'm sure you'll get much more than just your "money's worth". I can't wait to see more from this series and Dischan in the future.

I made two reviews of Dysfunctional Systems, one for the game itself ( http://blog.pixeldesu.de/2013/05/review-dysfunctional-systems-episode-1-learning-to-manage-chaos/ ) and one for the OST ( http://blog.pixeldesu.de/2013/05/listened-learning-to-manage-chaos/ ).

The first episode is a really nice and emotional start into a visual novel-series that was catching me from the beginning. Can't wait for the next episodes.

First of all, I'd like to say that you rendered me to tears with this, mostly because of the ending, but I shan't go into that cause of spoilers.

The next thing I'd like to say is: the characters: I LOVED them. At first (before I actually started to play the game),I though I'd end up hating Winter (I have no idea why), boy was I mistaken, she's brilliant! Normally, I find 14 year old's annoying, this one was just plain charming (see what I did there). And Cyrus, for some reason, I couldn't stop laughing at him, especially his expressions (I really like it when his frowning, laughed my arse off). And as for the character's we didn't get to see (Irie ect), I though that the personality's where different enough that I could tell who was who.

Now for art, once again, mind blown. Simple as.

And the music.... I'm going leave now to gush all over the floor (out of my nose).

Overall, 100/10

"An emotional start to a universe of potentials!"

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Great game.
Great music.